ibiza apartments: any recommendations??



i start planning my next years ibiza trip. usually we are around 12-16 people, and so far we always rented a house, which was quite nice, but still always lots of organization.

so this year we plan to rent apartments. does anybody know nice apartments/bungalows to rent, close to ibiza town, which have a pool and are in a good shape??? :?:

its for a week in august...

thanks for your replies! tom
mate telll me about....
i have organised groups of about 6 - 8 and it is really hard because, not everyone wants to do the same thing, stay in the same place, and go at the same thing. You have got tell everybody everything, but ain't it worth it at the end.....
if you want to keep it cheap i advise you Jet appartments. Close to the beach and space, ancient people, bora bora etc..