ibiza angels massage?

Hello im looking to work in ibiza next summer season and im interested in joining the ibiza angels massage group and was wondering if anyone has experienced working for them or has any general information as ive been trying to look at there website now for about 3 months yet it keeps saying they are re launching the site soon which is still yet to happen. Also from what im aware the client pays what they think the massage is worth? so im wondering is there enough money to be made also wondering how much of a percentage of that the company takes? any info would be very helpfull and even info from people who have or are planning on working in ibiza would be great would love to hear some experinces or tips that may help. Thanks Harriet :)
If you are good at massage, then why not consider working for yourself. The Island has many beaches where individuals set up private massage tables and charge from €15 upwards depending on time and treatment.
yes its certainly a other option although i am only experienced in indian head massage and as far as i know thats quite similar to the type of massage the angels do and also for more of a secure income i think i would rather work for a company as they organise work for you and i think the ibiza angels do alot of work in the clubs/bars and work with various big companys.
Unfortunately such practices on Europes beaches it seems is becoming very widespread;) However when i'm sunbathing on a beach i don't like having valuable bronzing time taken up by the countless number of people interrupting my afternoon asking if i'd like a massage:evil:

However on saying that maybe you should try googling for The Alternative Corner Massage Company, they have been operating out in Ibiza for a couple of summers & i think were a French guy & his English wife? Maybe you could contact them for info & advice?

anyone carrying out a trade on a beach needs a license from the town hall - if you're related by birth or marriage (or better still both) to the mayor you'll easily get one. if not you'll have to run like hell when the cops come - easy enough if you're flogging fake shades or cd's, but a bit more difficult if you have to pack up your massage table, essential oils and your cd player with a selection of japanese nose flute music to 'relax' your clients.
More so as the client I hoiked out is hoiking me somewhere far less glamorous on Thursday in return, at equally unacceptable notice :cry:, so I'm left holding my **** with a cancelled trip, a let-down mate and a bunch of dreams of what may have been.. :rolleyes: You can't win 'em all, as they say...