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Does anyone know if there's anywhere to store your cases at the airport. I fly home at 2am and have to be out of the room by 12 noon, so I was hoping to take our bags to the airport, put them in storage then go to Sundays @ Space.
I'm staying in San An so leaving them at the hotel is a mess about, but could be a last resort, obviously, the airport would be better.
It's a real problem this one, so if you are in the know, I'd be grateful for any info.
You could try and befriend someone who's staying in Playa den Bossa and leave your cases there.

Don't know about airport I'm afraid but I don't ever recall seeing anything there, then again I can't normally see anything when I'm travelling back from Ibiza :rolleyes: :p
why dont you contact the airport directly? im sure they can tell you something in information.... ;) good luck and have fuuuuuuuuun
Another option would be to rent a car at the airport for the day and leave them in the car. There is a safety issue with that though.
But a car for the day shouldnt be that expensive. We got a car for a week for around EUR 150.
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Had a quick look at the airport guide and can't see any such facility - I think the problem is one of security with bombs these days so they no longer provide the service. Try a days car hire as suggested with termination at airport - Hertz, carjet,holidayautos etc