ibiza 6th june



Hello im jackie a 26 year old female from bristol,myself and a friend are flying out to ibiza on 6th june for 1 week hol, but i aint comin back. i have been out there once before in 2001 and it truley is a party island. i will gladly meet up with anyone who is in the same boat, i am a free spirit and can get on with almost everyone. so it would be nice to meet up with other free spirits out to enjoy life.
is it hard to find work

I'm off at the beginning of June, to stay there till Sept. I'm 23 and from Leeds. Have you already sorted out work? How?? I've never been before myself and all my friends are staying at home. Going to chance it getting a job when i get there, but help would be good if you could give me some advice. Thanks. :D :D :D
change of plans

hi, jackie here, I have never been over to work before, but now i have to change my plans as my mum is having major surgery on the 14th june and i need to be with her then look after her. so i am only goin for week now 6th june till 13th. I will be goin for a month in august as long as i can book advance accomadtion when i visut in june, sorry i couldnt be much help, enjoy ur stay.x