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Hi All,I'm from Australia and im comiin over to IBIZA next year probably in September 09. As I dont know anyone that has been, I need your help to get as much information as possible.If you could give information on the following:-Best time to go-Where to Stay-Best Clubs/pubs-How long to stayIf you could help us out be great help. If your an yearly IBIZA visiter we could catch up for a few drinks with an Aussie lolThanksMuffinman
Hey there Muffin Man.

First things first... on the info bar to the left of your screen you will see a link that says Spotlight Home. Head on over to the main Ibiza Spotlight website (to which these forums belong) and read it. All of it. It will answer a huge number of questions for you - there are descriptions of the main resort areas, info on the top clubs and which parties they hold, etc.

Best time to go depends on what you want to do, but a lot of us around here prefer mid-June (opening party eason) and mid/late September (closing party season). The weather is better in June, to be honest (less rain) but both periods are fun.

I think an ideal trip is 2 weeks but if you have to err on the conservative side then 10-12 days will do you fine. A week never seems like enough, and you're traveling quite a ways so if your budget can handle it then 2 weeks gives you time to party, relax, explore, dine and swim all around the island.

Anyway, have a look at the main site, do a little search on questions that come up once you've read it, then come back to this thread with some more specific queries and we'll try to help ;)
Best time to go - summertime

Where to Stay - where else but the alhambra youth hostel in San Antonio (known affectionately to locals as San An) Hotel manager Pedro and his wife Carmen are well known for their superb hospitality

Best Clubs - es paradis foam party - unmisseable. Dance (or Swim!) the night away to a veritable feast of aural delights from DJ Sammy, Scooter and other names from the dance music hall of fame

pubs - the Moon Under Water on Calle San Antonio - proper bacon, sausage, egg, chips breakfasts for kings - you could almost feel at home

How long to stay - all summer
You should be able to find out most of what you need to know on the site homepage,


I like it in September, not so packed , not quite as warm and you have the added bonus of catching some closing parties. The 2008 party calander is still up so you could have a look and see roughly what'll be going on where and when. Some nights move clubs or swap nights. DC-10 will be shut ( can of worms:lol: , let's face it though it probably will be)

I'd say the main thing a first-timer has to decide is where to stay.
So everyone says closing parties are best time to go, yet alot also moan that the weather is rubbish and that closing parties are simply too busy, too expensive and not actually that good. I've never been in September, was gonna this year to experiene but didn't end up going at all. Early July is best in my opinion, lovely weather, busy not TOO busy, workers still have energy in them, and I like the more commercial crowd of peak times for romance reasons. This year I'm going 10th July. Back in time for Global 8)
Not true, Super P. Only some closing parties are more expensive (looking at you, Cocoon!). In general, the island (clubs, hotels, beach rentals, etc) is noticeably cheaper than in July/August. The only reason my clubbing expenditures this Sept. were on a par with June 07 is because I drank more in the clubs... since we got into so many places so cheaply. Closing parties are also generally not as rammed as high-time in mid-summer, with a few exceptions.