Ibiza 2008


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Evening all,

I went to Bar M a few times for a couple for pre club parties.

One tune which seemed to be played an awful lot which everyone seemed to know already apart from me is what im wanting the ID for.

Its a dance/trance tune but not a full on trancer. It has the words in it along the lines "whoaahhh ohh ohh ohhhhhh is there any body out there.....?" or something like that!
Very vague I know but can anyone help ID it?

Cheers VDP.

PS its not the Bassheads " is there any body out there " unless its a new remix of it.
Might well be wrong,but I have just been blathering on in the clubbing forum(music)about Pink Floyd.

Could it be a sample from "Is there anybody out there" a Roger Waters song from

The Wall?
Never heard the track you're talking about...:confused:
It is

The Potbelleez - Don't Hold Back, various remixes available, my fave is Out Of Office Remix