Ibiza 2004



Hi everyone.

I need help.

Me and a mate of mine want to do 2004 summer in san antoino.
But have not got a clue on how to get out there and find somewhere to stay.
Also i dont realy now what types of jobs other than pr jobs are avalible.
Im a chef by trade but dont fancy working every dayand night i just want a job to pay me anuff to live and party out th

is there anyone who can give me a helping hand so i can get my plans rolling for next year.
Yea i am thinking of goin out myself and after talking to some people the best bet is to book an open flite so if things dont work out u can come home whenever u want (prob more expenisve but worth it i think) Also try and sort your accomodation out before u go out because u just dont wanna land and have nowhere to go. I would say you could book accomodation over the internet and stuff.

I was out there from 22nd Aug - 6th sept wasnt it class?? i had a ball and its so depressing being home
i just had a mate come back from magaluf ( i think thats how u spell it)
And he said he saw so many fights and drug deals go wrong over there.
in Ibiza i never saw 1 fight or people steping out of line.
Everyone was so friendly.Ibiza gets so much bad publisity ( again i cant spell) It deserves so much more credit. It is not sleezy in ibiza it is Class.
Your absolutley right. A few years back Ibiza got all the bad publicity cos of shows like Ibiza Uncovered who obviously made it look worse than it is beacuse afterall they had a tv show to make. I dont really think the bad name has stuck as alot of people now know that it isnt really like that and places like Magaluff and Faliraki are awful places (not my idea of a good holiday anyway)

That was my second summer in Ibiza and i have yet to see any trouble, people talk about the west end being full of drunks fighting but i spent a lot of time in the west end as i did in the big clubs too and saw no problems anywhere
I'm def going next year to work but sadly I can't be there before june so hope there's still some jobs go get. I'm gonna book a place to stay before I leave and then hopefully I'll find a really cheap place once I get there.
As a chef I don't think you'll have a hard time finding a job.
Chef jobs are all other the place i got offered 2 in the west end this year but ill end up working every night.ideally i want to win the loto and buy a villa out there.(wishfull thinking) still only 46 years and i can retire.