Ibiza 2004 - Opening parties !


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Anyone been to the opening parties, whens the best time to go ? Came back last Thursday from the white isle and had the time of my life and eager to book up for 2004 ! Ideally i want to avoid the mad rush during peak season, August/July, looking for it to be busy but not "too" busy, any suggestions people ?

Muchas Gracias ! :lol:
towards the end of June. Season starts end of May, but best opeming parties are mid-end of June!

Great time to go, busy but not too busy. Weather is bearable, prices slightly cheaper. :D
I always like to go for Opening of We Love Sundays and based on previous years I'm assuming this to be 20th June so we're looking to fly out on the 19th. Some Opening Parties start the week before, some the following week.
Opening parties are good. Very similar to the closing parties but without the same quantity of people... so you can stay better at places. :p