ibiza 2002

Ha ha ha Gecko, well I gotta give props where props are due, eventhough he's my boy ;) Yeah, I love that pic of us with Dave. In that picture I asked him if I could give him a kiss, and he's actually saying very glamourously, "Oh yes, daaaahling." HA!
If myself and Mrs Hook are going out and we are wearing the same colours, one of us has to change (usually me cos she's not bothered).
I just think we look like those old people who wear "his 'n' hers" clobber, and I feel uncomfortable :D
Absolutely brilliant!

I loved the use of irony in your titles

'IBIZA PARADISE ISLAND' and all your photos are of some discotheques and no island to be seen!

and I thought I was the king of cynicism!

el DJB
have you seen the Anne Widicombe look-a-like on the bottom of the second page of the Eden photos?

who is anne widicombe??....that chick on the picture u were referring to is large!
Anne Widdecombe is a politican in the UK and she is, indeed, large and very ugly.

the couple in that photograph look a bit old to go clubbing....the Anne W. look-a-like and partner look out of place also ;)
hey, imposter, didn't you know that anything goes in little old ibiza?
like man, tolerance and all that, anybody yes anybody, can club and it doesn't matter!
yeah mate, thanks for stating the obvious. my post was, for better or worse, a joke. hence the stupid ;) symbol. i can explain it for you if you like.

and believe it or not, ibiza isn't the only place where ppl of such a vintage go clubbing. i have seen plenty of 'oldies' in clubs in the UK - always very nice ppl as well.
appy polly logies oh my droogie. i had no idea what that little face thingy was - in fact i still haven't!?!