Ibiza – 1st trip with the Mrs (including photos)


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Couldn’t resist writing another review for this season. However, my second trip of 2008 had one major difference – I finally convinced my other half to join me on the white isle for her first proper Ibiza holiday.

With my other half not being a lover of clubbing or “dance music” and her only reference point being TV programmes such as Ibiza Uncovered and Ibiza on Living, it was not an obvious choice of destination. But, from the moment we boarded our Easyjet plane to the White Isle I made it my aim to show her the “real” Ibiza and the beauty of the island.

After arriving late on the Sunday evening, we picked up our luggage and Seat Leon in record time and proceeded past Santa Agnes to our home for the next 3 days – Can Pujolet. A beautifully converted country house with views across the North of the Island, it instantly set the tone for the holiday and showed that Ibiza can compete with Italy and the like for chic, quiet, romantic hideaway hotels.

Can Pujolet

We awoke on Monday morning to find cloud in the sky, but a drive over to Salinas gave enough time for the wind to dismiss the grey blobs and a scorching afternoon ensued. Tasty seafood at the Jockey Club and some sunbathing on a beautiful beach kept up Ibiza’s positive vibe.


Jockey Club

In the evening we journeyed down to the sunset strip, soaked up the relaxing Mambo vibe and chatted to random people in the area. All in all the experience left my other half with a massive smile and a real insight into the ethos of the island. She was impressed that so many people with all different backgrounds, ages, incomes and tastes could have a few drinks, banter away about anything and admire nature’s beauty with a house music soundtrack playing in the background, yet without any negativity.

A dinner at Sa Capella showed there’s more to Ibiza’s culinary selection than a KFC or Roast Chicken and Chips down the West End. Then a drink or two in Ibiza Old Town and a chat with Tony of Base Bar further revealed the openness of Ibiza, the amazing characters that call the Island their home and the issues facing the place in 2008. We finished the night/morning at Pacha with Roger Sanchez playing some classic house. It was interesting to hear some fresh feedback about Pacha from an Ibizan Virgin– “beautiful, but crowded, and slightly overrun with VIPs – makes you feel like you’re shut out somewhat” was the verdict. Some of those points we all ponder, but it does make you think again about what you love and hate about Ibiza.


Tuesday was a calmer day after finishing at Pacha at 5am, and we got to sample the wonderful grounds and pool at Can Pujolet. We then headed for a different sunset experience at Benirras. A perfect sunset and delicious paella on the beach at Restaurant 2000 generated a response of “wow – this place is amazing” – definitely my thoughts every time I visit.

Our second and final clubbing session was at Space with Carl Cox. We arrived at 10:30pm and got a good position on the Sunset Terrace for Mr Cox to get the crowd dancing and smiling, hands in the air. For once my other half was loving some dance music, and appreciated the chat from Carl on the mic and the dropping of some classic house tunes. Once the Sunset Terrace had closed, we explored the rest of Space – and what a wonderful place it is to be when it’s in full flow. We sampled a bit of Norman Cook in the Discoteca, some of Gilles Peterson’s Jazzy beats on the New Terrace and some chilled out housey stuff in El Salon and the Premier Etage. Overall it was a wonderfully enjoyable experience and very different from Pacha. At the end of the day, I don’t think there’s a better club environment on Earth!

Wednesday involved some chillout and a very short, punctual and cheap Clickair flight to Barcelona to complete the rest of our week’s vacation. It was my second visit of the season, but as mentioned before, one with a very different purpose. I genuinely believe Ibiza is a very special place and it was wonderful to be able to share it with a loved one and introduce them to it’s often undersold beauty.

Here’s to 2009!
Not to sound repetitive, but great pics! Nice review too. See you and the missus out there next year!
Nice succinct review, great to hear you converted the misus to the joys of Ibiza :)

I loved the "Benirras post sunset" picture on your album btw, amazing.
Great review

So at this time of the year does the sun set behind rocks in Benirras?
Is it still a great place to see it? what other great beaches are there for sunsets?
Thanks for all the feedback guys and girls - much appreciated.

As regards my other half, I certainly hope she'll be going back to Ibiza with me next year! :)

Re: Benirras sunset - my photo may be a little misleading - when it actually sets, the sun is further to the right, so perfectly between the rocks!