Ibiza 18th - 23rd Aug - Hostal Florencio, San Antonio



Hi Folks,

Well it's finally here :D After weeks of being on this site and talking about it, it's happening withing the next 48 hours.

Just booked the holiday through holidaysbyphone.com for 7 nights B&B at the Hostal Florenio in San Antonio, it's one of those Escapade things, but I'll not be joining all that crap - cost of holiday was £231 sterling (€366 euro). ;)

We arrive around 2:35am on Saturday 17th Aug and leave around 3:30am on Sat 24th Aug... :cry:

We love to meet up with anyone. There's myself (33 - but VERY young at heart) and my Brother Brain (25).

Plan for clubs so far are:-
Sat 17th Aug - Dave Pearce - Euphoria @ Eden
Sun 18th Aug DAYTIME - Space, Night - Judge Jules, Judgement Sunday @ Eden
Mon 19th Aug - Manumission @ Privilege
Tue 20th Aug - piss-up OR Renaissance, J.Digweed @ Amnesia
Wed 21st Aug - piss-up OR Subliminal, Fatboy Slim, Erik Morillo @ Pacha
Thus 22nd Aug - CREAM, Mauro Picotto/Tiesto @ Amnesia
Fri 23rd Aug - piss-up - as plane leaves 3:30am on the Saturday.

We're planning to hire an open top jeep, cost is around €84 per day, but would be VERY happy to share the cost with 2-3 others...We plan to travel round the island, try different beaches, see a few towns....I've no moby, but will check my emails on MOnday. 8)
My email is

Hope to see some of you there...