Ibiza 13th September - Hotel Playa De Bossa (Playa De Bossa)


JamiE W

Hi everyone,

Me and 10 mates are out there for two weeks of closing party madness.

Anyone else going to be out there then?

whats the crowd like around that time? Many clubbers staying in Playa De Bossa?

JamiE W x

We stayed at club play d'en bossa, just next to your hotel. It's a good club with a real crazy animation team (yes they go clubbing like real onces); so if u will do us a favor if ever u are having a drink their at the club say hello to the animation team espacially to "miss colombia" and mister "aerodynamica" tell them it's from chris; that crazy guy from belgium who danced with them @ Subliminal ;)

One hing they know a lot of locals so maybe it might be helpfull to now them
I love club playa d'en bossa

I stayed in the club in august for 9 days...last year I was there for 2 weeks! I love it!!!
It is so great that the beach is next to it and there are only young people between 20 and 35... ;)

Next year is coming...pacha, privilege, el divino, cafe d'el mar, amnesia...perhaps Space...las salinas...and eivissa!!