Ibiza 11th - 18th Sept

Im there 11th - 18th too!:D

Your not flying with First choice by any chance are you? Gatwick leaving about 2200 on the Friday?
im there 9th to the 16th flying from Glasgow too. There are 3 of us going out for the week and another 3 coming out on the thursday to monday. How many of you are going?
We'll be there almost by when you're leaving. If you're up for Cream-Amnesia the 17th we can join you your last night on the isle.
Hey, im flyin on 14th of September with a mate at 6 in the morning (on his birthday woo) from manchester airport.... lol staying in san an at an all inclulsive for 3 weeks :) should be a laugh... haha..

there till the 3rd of october :) if anyone fances a meet up etc.. few all inclusive drinks before a decent nite out gimme a shout :) haha..

Tbh i recon by now pretty much EVERYONE of here thats going round the end of september is gonna be meetin up with EVERYONE else! lol....not that its a bad thing ;)...

maybe we should create a thread an organise a day we can ALL meet up for a massive night out maybe one of the closing nights when were ALL still overthere? that might be a good idea? then post the pix when we get back in the UK??

A Couple of us Australian will be staying at Playa den Bossa on the Sep. 8th-15th, pm if interested to party hard..... only a few more months away now!
16th - 20th September Keen to Catch up!

We are staying at Fiesta Club Playa Den Bossa.
We have Tickets to Amnesia on thursday the 16th, and then to We love space on the 19th. Apart from that we dont have any solid plans, probably Pacha at somepoint.

We are 3 guys all 24 we are kiwis but we have spent the majority our partying life in Sydney and the gold coast in Aus, things are probably going to get a little out of hand so would be keen for catching up with anyone else looking to do the same - which I am guessing is everyone. We will be based at our hotel but on the Friday and Saturday are open to ideas.

Everyone more than welcome to come down and perhaps go to Bora Bora together. Also if you are planning on going to We Love Space on the Sunday more than welcome to come drink with us before hand (as we are right opposite the club)

Keen to Tee something up anyway.