Ibiza '04, Work & Singledom.



Hey people, I'm sat in a freezing student accomodation in Birmingham, and there's nothing I want more than to sort out my summer, fancy going to Ibiza to work in bars. Anyone, with any advice and serious about going, get in touch 'cos I'm damn serious!! It's also gunna be my first summer being single and care-free, so I'm up for one hell of a summer before my final year at Uni. Looking to go out there in May. So holla at your boy. rich_chandy@hotmail.com (also on MSN all the time) Where the party at!? Richie.
Going out for the season is a very wise choice. It will most likely be the best summer of your life.
The best thing you can do is to just go out there...with a bit of money on your pocket and hope for the best. trust me it usually works out just fine.
Jobs are easy to get once your out there and almost impossible to find beforehand.