iberican underground sound & cheezy spanish dance


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hi to all (Ola chicos,te puede ayudar mi...)
I'm looking for recommendation about iberic house to buy...
I got a friend in barcelone until end of month...
nice Cds that i brought back from barcelone or ibiza
el divino 2002 :D
Matinée group compilation vol 6
Here the tracks i enjoy!
the toof e.p. addy's zone mix aquarius recordings (amnésia underground 2)
peter tha zouk & bruno marciano kashmira anodyne (amnésia underground 2)
mario sforza purple groove (matinée group compilation vol 6)
osuna welcome to the music serial killer vynil (amnésia vol 5)
Dj disciple feat mia cox caught up (matinée group compilation vol 6)
rosh ezequiel 25:17 (matinée group compilation vol 6)
Here the cds i want her to buy (+ cheezy spanish dance)
maltas de fiesta 3cd sombra records
matinée group compilation vol 4 2cds summer expérience emotion recordings no information about the cd (tracklisting?)
matinée group compilation vol 5 2cds emotion recordings this one sure is nice
orgullo gay 2cds vale music août 2002 tracklisting?
disco estrella 2002 4cd vale music
caribe 2002 3cds + 1dvd vale music
Any peace of information about cds that mario sforza or jose luis released? or cds to buy?