I was so surprised!!!!!


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The other day i borrowed the daft punk album of a mate!!!!!! i was shocked its quite good!!!!! anybody heared it--> the one with the black front cover!!!!!

tune number 8 is a classic tune which i never knew daft did it!!!!

alkso the last tune lasts for 10 minutes i think its 10 mins of class though!!!!

what do you think!!!
If you dig on Daft Punk (as do I), I highly recommend checking out "My House in Montmartre," a compilation of French house music, which includes Daft Punk. Also... check out Cassius "Au Reve." You probably already know... Thomas Bangalter (1/2 of "I've got sooo much love to giiiiive" fame) is also 1/2 of Daft Punk -- he just released the soundtrack for "Irreversible," and if you like the Daft Punk sound, it's got it -- especially "outrage" and "paris by night."
Anyway, probably too much information, but ah me... daft punk provide a small treasure of wicked beats.
All the tunes on the Album were released on 12 " Single so a lot of the records on the Album you will have heard while out.
Its an excellent Album and i look forward to the new one.
yeah have the discovery album good upbeat tunes for sunny days!