i was reading yesterday



that the gallery and clockwork orange are doing a cruise every tueday from 7 till 10 price is 45 euro which includes ur price to the club apparently they will have a big guest dj doing a sunset set on the boat every week should be a large one ;)
They're definately doing the boat party before the night at Eden - think it's a sunset cruise. I've got a feeling that the tickets are €55 but they include entry into Eden. :D
Looks good. But, can you imagine if it turns into an 18-30 booze cruise? I'd rather jump ship and be eaten by the sharks!

From NightCLub News:

Pukka up in Ibiza

In association with the Gallery and Clockwork Orange (every Tuesday in Eden) Pukka Up is proud to present the Official Sunset Boat Party, every Tuesday night in July and August from 7 pm.

Now that sounds like a great idea for a pre-party. Read what they have to say about it:

The boat party costs 55 Euros, but this does include your ticket into Eden later on that night (which costs 45 Euros itself), plus entry onto the boat where one of The Gallery & Clockwork Orange's headline DJs will play every week. The boat itself is very luxurious and it's the perfect setting to watch the beautiful Ibizan sunset from. Once the sun goes down, you'll then have our amazing visuals to contend with, before it's party games and dirty dancefloor fun!
The party lasts from 7pm until 10 pm on every Tuesday in July and August, and departs from San Antonio Marina. Tickets are available in Mega Music, Plastic Fantastic and Kasbah.

Published: 26.05.2003.
details of it in the mixmag ibiza edition too! looks good!
its been to known to be not very reliable.

it says el - divino charge £20 for jd and coke - Rubbish

it says eden are one of the few clubs to let you in and out again - rubbish they all do.
The boat parties are definately happening, in fact they start tonight.
I am DJing on the 15th and 22nd so hope to see some of you lot out there then !!

check www.pukkaup.com for more details of boat parties.
freakstar said:
can you imagine if it turns into an 18-30 booze cruise? I'd rather jump ship and be eaten by the sharks!

:lol: :lol: :lol: