I Really Am At A Loss



... with where to go and what to do !!

We arrive Sunday morning (15th June) .... what should we do the sunday night?

I plan a nice lazy Tuesday followed probably by Underwater Opening Party ... and Subliminal on Wednesday .... but there is SO SO MUCH TO DO ..

How on earth do you make choices?
Saffy you get there same day as me and my mates!

Dunno if you like your trance but if you do - then you MUST go to

1) Judgement Sunday - Jules, Eddie Haliwell and BK (we've managed to blag guest list here which is cool!!!)

2) Cream Opening @ Amnesia - 19th - Oaky and Tall Paul etc... (trying to blag guest list for this one but a LONG shot!)

I'll probably be going to Underwater also in between (no chance for guest list there though!

Then DC10 after Space closes

Monday: S-Man at Pacha

Tuesday: Underwater at Pacha

Wednesday: Subliminal at Pacha

Thursday: MOS at Pacha

I would choose at least 2/3 of these.

Daytimes: Bora Bora/Salinas/Formentera

Evenings: Ibiza town - bars, restaurants, shops

I know you're staying San-An but I would still head over the other side as much as possible.
Drew thanks .. that is GOOD GOOD stuff you have lined up for me there ..

Saffy holds out her cap to collect money from passers by ... ( he he )

Ok ... gonna get myself sorted now ...
Nice, guest list is the way forward.

Hopefully Cream will work itself out - I usually get onto Tall Paul's guest list for turnmills when I'm in London so hopefully I should be able to do the same for Cream - It's in me mates hands, but he's a good lad so I hope he can sort it!!!!
Well judgement sunday - got a mate who knows Judge Jules!

And for Cream - my mates housemate knows Tall Paul!

It's not what you know, it's who you know!!!!

ksixty9 said:

I've wondered about Retro, but never been -

Heard lots about it but heard mixed reviews about the night =- lots of folk say its a good night but then again, lots of folk say to stay away - wot u reckon Ksixty9???

This year, I will be on the island from the 13th September and I see that the Retro closing is on the saturday. Quite fancy giving it a go - but I might just stay in and recharge my batteries that night - ready for the Sundays @ Space closing... probably best...
*Saffy*, you can sort out your wooly socks into order???
Hmm .. I should blag my way in my saying I'm the infamous wooly sock girlie .... :D (Do ya think it would work?)
we are there at the same time but get there on 14th.
Think our plan is:
Sat - party at Es Vive
Sunday - space
Monday DC10 followed by Pinup
Tues - night off (have to miss Underwater as we are our on a mate's boat early weds and I can't bear to feel sh*t at sea:eek:( )
Weds - Subliminal
Thurs - MoS
Fri - dunno, maybe pacha (again!) but don't like pete tong. Though he has split with his wife and is meant to be in new york so may not make it.

Daytimes will go to the beaches - playa des agues blancas, salinas, cala des jondal etc. Can't wait! Think guestlists are pretty much sorted thank god - I am brassic!) 4 days to go!!!