I need your help!!!


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I've heard this song a few times the last week, but i only remeber a few vocals: ...do you feel it.
I know thats not much information,but maybe somebody can help me.

There's hundreds of songs with that line in.. Any info on how the song went, what style it was etc?
At a guess it could be 'can you feel it' by brown sugar... big funky house tune over the past couple of months!
Sorry monkeh, it's not that one.
It's a male voice. I also remember him singing "..I want you baby" and than "do you feel it". I think it's out for some weeks or months now.
Come on Over - John Silver is the one you want

Do you feel it, You gotta know, I want you baby
Come on over, come on
ohh baby
Just come on over :D