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seriously...ive never been to ibiza but it sounds like i would LOVE it

was supposed to be going with my "boyf" but we're not getting on

i wanted to come over and work there next year if i like it

is anyone from london or nearby looking to go within the next 4 weeks for a week?

Im 25 i love just outside london......i love house...club classics/funky and a BIT of trance :rolleyes:
im a bit scared!

ive never gone away ON MY OWN
and ive nevr been to ibiza before...i really need some help!
Hi Tilly, there's loadsa cool people from here heading over for Closings that would be delighted to show you around and go clubbing with you. Myself and gf are heading over from 12 - 26th september and would love to meet up if your over there then. Ibiza is the friendliest place on the planet and you'll have no probs meeting up with people so don't worry about going on your own if you have to. Just arrange to meet people from here on your first day and there you have it, instant clubbing mates, just add water.