I need the name and artist of these songs I heard this year.


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I need some names and artist of tunes I've heard these holidays.

These three are very similar, hardhouse to techno tunes that I've heard inside Space and in places like La Troya if my memory serves me right:
-One of them had an electronic sound which seemed to simulate a voice saying 'Open Your mind-mind, open your mind-mind' and so on.
-The other one had a voice saying: "freak out", but nothing to do with the old funky hit of the 70s.
- The 3dr: had another voice who said: 'it's got to be - it's got to be - ....'

When these three songs were played inside space the ground shook under my feet due to the impressive bass sound.

Another song I heard in the backroom of Privilege is one electro song with an 80's feeling (maybe it's an 80s song): A cheeky voice says: 'New York's Burning Down-down-down-down-down, London's burning down-down-down-down-down....

And to end this, one electronic song Sasha played at Pure Pacha on Friday the 5th of Sept. It was the first or second of his set.
Funny u said usura because as soon as i saw the 'open your mind' lyrics i was thinking of that tune. Didnt know it had been reworked, i wouldnt be surprised if it was shat though.
Second one (with the "freak out" vocal) may possibly be Oliver Lieb pres. Snakemen - Afrika (Oliver Lieb Remix) on Yoshitoshi?

Pretty Techno-esque, loops the vocal over and over :)
Pure pacha on sep 5th was my last night out there, top night may I add...

just want to be back there :cry:
If you're thinking of the "it's got to be" song I'm thinking of... it might be

"It's got to be burning" by Sucker DJs -- it just keeps repeating that line over & over ... pretty catchy.
In fact, very catchy.