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Right here's the situation. I go to Ibiza for the first time next saturday staying in **cough, cough** San An (went for the cheapest place available, after all we'll only be sleeping there). We're going for 14 nights, and out of these we will probably goto a 'big' club on 8/9 nights. We aim to drink before and after the clubs, and just buy water in the clubs. Getting to and from the clubs will vary between taxi and disco bus. We'll be eating out most nights but will not over indulge.

The quote i need is for the spending money needed to participate in all of this. I know this kinda thing has probably being asked many a time on here, and i appologise to those who've answered this question over again on previous posts, but i couldnt really find much using the search facility on this site.

Hope theres someone out there who can help.

Cheers in advance,

If ur goin to a big club, u prob will want to get discount tix from the HORDES of ppl sellin them either down in the west end, by the sunset bars, or just EVERYWHERE in eivissa town. That will cost around 30-35euros depending on what night and what club. Pre-drinking liquor is dirt cheap, a 40 of bacardi will run around 10euros. Food will run u around 5euros-10euros per meal depending what and where u eat. Now ur in San An, so the disco bus to Amnesia or Privilege is free if u have the tix. If ur goin to Pacha or El Divino the bus there will be 1.40euros, and a taxi will be around 11-12euros. Hope it helps bro...have a good one 8)

£1200 to 1500 should be enough to cover you costs.you can always bring it back.

I concur with that, although I would avoid having too many meals out. Pasta in the apartment before you go out isn't all that bad and it saves loads of money. I reckon that if you end up wanting to do lots of stuff during the day like boats trips or hiring cars it could end up being over 1500. Last time I went it was for a week and spent about 700, without trying to save too much (although I would have liked to have done some more during the day) - so I reckon 100 a day is plenty enough to have a good time. Hopefully there should be a few more deals this year :)
Just to add,the 1.40 euro bus fare mentioned in post #2 will probably be more like 1.80 this year !

40 cents up in only 7 years,how do they get away with it ?