i need a job and acommidation for 2005


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im a 17 year old girl from manchester looking for a job and acomidation for 2005 as i will be 18 and will be abule to work anywhere.i am a model at the moment http://onemodelplace.com/melissababe and i have had experience in bar work and restaurant work i could also do danceing so if you have any contakes please message me back thanx love melissa :lol: ;)
dear don't u think we should all pass summer 2004 before even thinking about 2005? ;)

just my 2 cents anyway :D
It's best if you just chill until 2005... the employers will want to meet you in person before they employ you anyway
Yeah, I totally agree! I remember my first summer (2002) and I know what its like to feel all panicy and anxious about finding job/accomodation before you go but honestly it is best to chill out until then as there are always NO probs finding some kind of job or accomodation.