I need a friend!!!



YES!!!!! IBIZA!!!!
NO!!!!! ALONE!!!!
Calling all people's..who do....stuff. My name is Tim and I am finally off to Ibiza this summer (August tenth). But, I have no one to go with. My friends won't fly out for just a week, and I obviously don't know anyone there. If you are gonna be there around the same time as me, know your way around, or don't and wanna stumble through it with someone else, let me know. I am so ready to go, so don't worry, I won't hold anyone back. I hear Ibiza is better with a friend, so please: be my friend. Show me the ropes, I'm ready.
Tim, you meet people out there and make friends on the magical island quicker and easier then anywhere else in the world!! don't worry :D
yeah, i'm there august tenth to fourteen. Gotta go to school next year, can't spend all my money