i might not be going


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one of my mates has no money which leaves three of us,and 1 of them is bunking the hotel and the other 1is a lightweight beer head whos not really a clubber looking at it i might be wasting my money, ill let u know later this evening whether we went ahead with it. :(
awwwhhhhh :(

sorry to hear that nitefly, but dont give up why dont you see if a few other friends would go instead, you cant Not go!!
im going mad.

bit like when u shove a hamster in a ball....

forever running,, but always with the knowledge that u'll never escape...

jjinit said:
chewie_oo7 said:
Morbyd said:
chewie_oo7 said:
im going mad.

bit like when u shove a hamster up your....
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

keep yr sick lonely night in fantasies to yrself boy.

a moscow winter is long, cold & dark.........ask hitler ;)
True... and Siberian hamsters are conveniently small in size :lol:

Luckily I can forgo the privelege as the missus keeps me warm enough 8)

Poor Chewie lacks such luxuries.