I like love



Solitaire - I like love

How good is this tune!!!

Proper hands in the air anthem :D
I bought this a couple of months ago from juno, when it arrived they had sent me by mistake solitaire - easy 2 slip, which is a hip hop tune
they sorted it out for me though
its got a nice feel to it, very disco yet not too cheesy
Yeah, very feel good and makes you :D

Just got the Morris T mix too which is also good :)

Bit strange,heard it first on sun in Garlands in liverpool, then my mate gave me a mix he'd recorded with it on, then heard it again at www.luxeuk.com last night when a good friend played it! Until last week i hadnt heard it then 3 or 4 times in different places!
I havn't heard it out anywhere but having said that i havn't been out recently except for in ibiza.
might hear it tonight but not sure where we are going.