i know you wont believe me but..pls help



I had this friend since 3rd grade (now im in 9th grade) and I really need to find him. We are long time friends until i moved from Saudi Arabia to USA,New York.

Ok now to my point. I want to know where the Lady Moura is or where it is going. my friend's dad (i know you wont believe me but pls..) is the owner of the Lady Moura. On the summer vacation of my 4th grade year I boarded the yacht for an awsome summer vacation with my friend. I got to know the crew very well. So if i know where the yacht is or going to, I can visit my friends. Pls, can anyone help? Thanks.[/b]
Think it docked and left ibiza last week, but often docks throughout the summer...........

Maybe you could ask one of the mods here to pass on a message to the crew next time its in town?
Sure, ask them if they know someone named Roy. Say he's a friend of Mohammad Al-Rashid.