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I am travelling to Ibiza August 2 - 5 for the end of my honeymoon. I have been to Ibiza twice before and have stayed at the Garbi hotel in PDB. I love this hotel and would like to stay there again. The music by the pool, yet relaxed atmosphere combined with it being close to bora bora and the other beach bars makes it a perfect choice. The problem is that they do not take accommodations for stays shorter than 5 nights in august. Unfortunately we are unable to stay that long in Ibiza. I need to find somewhere else that can give me the same experience. We both enjoy clubbing and need a pool area with good music playing, and don't want to be at a hotel where kids are going to be all over the place. We would also like to be within walking distance of the beach bars along the water. I have only stayed in PDB and like it for it's beach scene. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe some of you have stayed somewhere that you think we would enjoy? Any help would be really appreciated as I am trying to plan in advance.
Don't know about all that you want,music by the pool,no kids etc and probably the wrong end of pdb anyway, but the Sirenis Goleta and Torre del Mar Hotels both allow stays of less than 5 days when booking on the Spotlight Hotels page.
I did notice both of those hotels are available, and I also noticed that other websites have the fiesta hotels in PDB available as well. Es Vive also looks like another nice hotel with a good atmosphere, but i'm not sure how far that is away from the beach bars. Anyone have any other opinions or suggestions?
Es Vive Hotel is about 5 mins walk till the start of the beach at pdb,must be at least another 20 mins to the best of the beach bars.
How about the Fiesta Playa D'en Bossa Club? It looks like a good time. If anyone has stayed there, can you tell me what their pool entertainment program is all about?
Ibiza spotlight sells the accommodation on this forum thanks.
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well from what i have seen over the years the Fiesta Playa D'en Bossa Club.is becoming one of the most popular hotels for clubbers.its not cheap to stay.but you get all the comforts of home.clean good rooms great food.

in the heart of club bar land.across the road from space.right on the beach.your able to walk in less than two mins to beach bars near by.

plus take advantage of other fiesta hotels.like eating out at another hotel.so you could spend all day in another resort.and have your evening meal at another hotel.

this hotel does have music playing round pool.plus games in day and stuff for other people staying in this hotel.you might get the odd family staying here.but most stay further down the road.

but do beware its not a 18/30s hotel like others.you can ok have a laugh.but anything over the top.you will be warned.very nice staff here as well.and you can have a right laugh with the fiesta reps.