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<edit=james>hi boardgrrrl, i just split your review into the reviews section. it's exactly the kind of thing we're looking for :) not everyone is able to go out clubbing every night, and the restaurant reviews, etc are perfick!</edit>

MrMambo said:
Give me a few clues as to what you got up to then and I'll try and piece it together!!! :D :D Single words'll do :D

Ok - in no particular order.........

Costa Mar Apartments - round past Kanya and Coastline by Calo Des Moro - they were clean and the staff were really friendly but I wouldn't stay there again as the rooms were hotter than the devils armpit.

Bar M (danced on me own) really good atmosphere on Sunday pm/Monday am, although I think the DJ thought I was a bit mad coz I kept on jumping around like a loon in front of the DJ box whenever he played a tune. He tried to talk to me but the vastness of Spanish measures of JD kinda made me dribble and talk shyte :lol:

Banyan Palace - really great menu and superb food, but awful service. Sumptuous decor which you can buy if you want!

Funky Lounge (Savannahs) danced on me own - excellent DJ's at Beats Unique on Friday 22 Aug - just the local boys from Bar M and Savannah getting the crowd jumping - air conditioning ahhhhhhhhhhh. Free entry ahhhhhhhh

Sunset@Savannahs - lovely as usual although the food was shyte - pasta with bolognese tasted like it was out of a tin and it was lukewarm and my veggie stir fry made me get full use out of the apartments toilets the following morning :eek:

Explored a bit (on my own) round past Coastline and round to Cala Gracio - really beautiful and peaceful.

Went snorkelling (on my own) for the first time oooh it was lovely but I burnt my ass :lol:

Villa Mercedes Food was excellent and so was the service and the surroundings. Plenty to choose from on the menu - loads of veggie choices.

Bora Bora (danced on me own) then boyfriend and friend went missing for 4 hours and left us with no money so not too chuffed to find on their return that they had been in the middle of the throng in Bora Bora and succeeded in drinking 9 pints each and spending a shyte load of money - I guess it's funny now but it certainly wasn't at the time :evil:

Curry Club - not as yummy as previous years - everyone's food was really salty and the main meal came out before we'd finished our starters - not a good look!

Kasbah - real little gem of a bar/restaurant - friendly staff, small menu but all that we ordered was lush!

Dean Gaffney - ambled into coastline at about 3 one morning and Dean Gaffney was in there taking the total amout of people in there to 13!!! Apparently him and Gary Lucy did a special appearance there that evening oooooohhh how could I have missed that one :lol:

Overall - whether it was the wrong week to go or not - I don't know. It was soooo quiet. All the bars were empty by 2am and I mean empty - the staff were sweeping up round your feet!! I've never had that on previous visits. The weather was like living in a furnace - don't get me wrong I like the heat and I like to sunbathe but funk me - I have never sweat so much in me life! *note to self not to go in August again*

I did enjoy it coz I did loads of snorkelling which I've never done before and it's pushed me into going on a diving course and I did get a bit of dancing done. I just wished I could have motivated my mates to go clubbing at LEAST once :rolleyes:

OOOOOHHH look at that - You've tempted a review out of me! I didn't think I wanted to bother as I didn't get me proper dancing shoes on, but Mr M - you have helped me through it - it was like therapy !!!!
How much do I owe you? ;)

I better post this in the right section!