I B I Z A 2009 Who Is Coming?


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Hello guys!

So who is coming this summer? I will fly to the magic island in 21 June till 05 July for 2 wks :lol:
This will be my ((6)) time in Ibiza...
!!!I just can't get enough!!!


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Missed out last year.... so heading over twice this year... (I know, I know... call me greedy)...

29th May to 5th June.... and 29th September till 8th October....

Heading there from 28/7/09 till 5/8/09

Lord have mercy - I have just booked the exact same dates!

And here I thought the island may be emptier as expected due to the economy. The fares are rock bottom compared to last year.
me and 5 mates going for a week from the 19th july staying at the Hotel Pacific...ill tell ya this for free...i dont think its gonna be as busy this year as it was last year...this forum was full of people this time last year!
Myself and a mate will be there for 25june - 2nd July. Shuld be going to cocoon, meganite, cream, wls and tiesto. Really cant wait. Been a tough year studying so I am in need of a serious break:)