I am fluent in spanish what work could i get?


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I am fluent in spanish and am thinking whether a move to Ibiza would be best. I have now lost all interest in England and Ibiza gives me a real buzz everytime im over their, i have always said i would end up there permanently.
Now what jobs could i do over in ibiza to live their pemanently.
I enjoy the clubbing scene (house music) but would still live in a place other than ibiza town or san antonio if it offered better prospects.
I have been looking into being a TEFL teacher but heard that pay wasnt great.
Any infomation would be great from jobs/wage, accomodation, lifestyle to the best places to live would be a massive help:D
its hard to get a really good job.but hotel receptionist would be good.if you could learn a bit of german that would help as well.or try the airport as well.where to live is up to you really to get.its hard place to stay first or job first.best to research as much as you can.then if no joy.book a hols early may for two weeks.and get out and about and ask.