I AM AN IBIZA VIRGIN! what is the best club to go to?

Technoindustrial said:
HELP! I am going to stay in Valencia with my family in August, and they are going to take me to Ibiza :!: I need to know, what is the best place to go, to dance, pick up chicks, and all that other jazz :?: Also, where can I get me some good Extasy whilst on the White Iisle :?:

and try not directly asking for drugs on this board....just an idea......but if you wanna find some i dont' think it's a problem on that island....it's everywhere :)...and once you're down there...you'll know exactly what nights and clubs to go to.....just follow the crowd :)

it depends on what music you like, but by looking at your name its techno, right?, well there is cocoon@amnesia on mondays or carl cox at space

space on sundays is a must for anybody!

to meet people, well bora bora is probably best for that. it a beach bar cum club, lots of friendly people.


please don't ask where to get drugs from on this forum!
hmm not really smart to ask for drugs, you! Ibiza has it as well as Denmark, Sweden...Uk, US....It won´t be a problem...but Ive never tried it so I wouldnt know, just from the rumors
Sorry about that...

Sorry about that. The thing about the X was a joke, and I guess my sense of humor blows. Oh, and I like basically everything except Rap or hip-hop.