HRH Road Trip, Ibiza, 2nd / 9th June, 2010


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Ibiza, a new rock frontier and yet another new concept from the team at HRH
It’s simple, why not take one of the worlds most famous islands, invite a 1000 of your best rock mates along for the trip and plonk t...hem on the white isle of Ibiza with their families n kids in tow and have a total rock out over 7 days of fun packed rock n roll debauchery. Add to that a Marshall wall for most of the evenings, bring in about 20 bands and let this new HRH horde party hard with artists, press, DJ’s and mates alike all over this sun kissed isle.

This new niche event is proudly sponsored by Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Classic Prog, Rock Radio and Scuzz TV, who will each be hosting an arena during the weeks trip. There will be 5 big nights out, crossing the full spectrum of HRH. This will include, Classic Rock, NWOBHM, Classic and Battle Metal, Young Bloods and even a Prog evening with some special talent to be announced shortly. HRH will be taking the world famous venues within Ibiza and lacing them with Rock couture to make it,” all in line” with this first ever rock n metal crusade onto the shores of Ibiza.

The event will not solely be about big nights out but will also include, some unplugged sunset sessions on beach front venues plus all out madness in open air venues during the day as well as multiple catamaran boats all rigged up for the sheer hell of it. Hotels are being kitted out exclusively for this special event plus a range of sport and day time activities. There will also be a special HRH concierge service locally offering everything right down to restaurant bookings.

The concept may be described as insane, but that’s the boundaries that HRH continuously break, to create total rock n roll experiences. There will be 20 bands flown into party with the HRH horde as well as some local Spanish Talent to fill in the gaps. First bands to confirm include tried and tested HRH legends

Wolf, Grand Magus, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Alestorm, TYR, Battlelore and Attica Rage who will be joined by many more, very shortly

In time the event will be open to all nationalities throughout Europe making this a new mile stone in the rock calendar. HRH has the ability to increase this 20 fold, but want to show the world what its all about before they crank it up to future levels.

HRH Promoter Jonni Davis said:-
We’ve been working on this for a year now, we’ll have our own hotels, our own bars, our own venues, all as exclusive as we want them to be, being somewhat local experts by choice, only makes it easier to turn this into something that people will remember as a true rock experience for the rest of their lives. We are overwhelmed with the support from the trade, so only look at putting on something that’s off the chart….we’ve even went as far to open this up to peoples families and kids.

All rooms sleep 2 or 3 pax with AC, TV and pool and we can play about with flights either side of these dates if needed, just call us .
Kids under 11 are free, kids 11/ 14, 50% …its that easy and if you need a baby sitter, we have trained qualified people at hand to take care of that too, so you don’t miss out on anything.

For full info and terms and conditions log onto or e-mail us at

Alternatively call the hotline 08700 110034
DC Bloodline 08700 111169

What’s Included
1 week 190 GBP
Prices includes 7 nights accom and entrance into all events including the boat trip, all day time stuff is optional and separate to the package( apart from unplugged sessions and rally, they’re included). Flights, you can grab very cheaply, look at the getting there page, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is, most are up for about 50 / 70 quid at the moment. Or if you’re coming by Bikes, no probs, we’ll sort the parking free.

What’s on
5 big nights out ( HRH favourites all the way) plus some locals
Few Unplugged sessions on the beach at Sunset
Few HRH Hotels
Open air Rally
Some Rockeoke
A Full on Rock Boat
Ice breaker and pre parties every night
Rock Quiz’s
A Full HRH concierge service

Plus ( All optional, don’t want to force you into anything)
Water sports
Day time activities
Beach Days
Shopping Trips for the Ladies
Go Karting
Scuba Diving
5 a Side