How's Your Year Been? (2018)


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my 2018 has been a great year generally. probably not as full of highlights as the previous year with our wedding, but still a really nice year.


- annual trip to switzerland in winter to see friends and family and be back in home my country for a little bit

- moving house in march. we had been really happy with the flat we had been living in, but when they suddenly started building another house next door (and I mean next door, literally a few meters away from our beds), we knew we wouldn't put up with that for two years (which is what they said it would take to build the house...this being spain I guess it takes longer even). knowing the housing / real estate situation in ibiza, we started looking around without big hopes. but we got lucky and moved into a place we absolutely love now.

- second trip to switzerland just before the season started - caprices festival in crans montana. such a fantastic small festival, especially the daytime part up on the mountain

- the team I had this year at ibiza spotlight. you know who you are.

- closings. once more, easily the best part of the season for anyone working here.

- my month of walking in november. valencia - granada in 30 days / 900km of hiking, including climbing mount mulhacén, the highest peak of the iberic peninsula. going on those hiking trips is the perfect physical detox after the season as well as mental digestion of all the bullshit that does happen on the island here too.

- berlin last weekend. after detox comes retox and 18 hours in berghain is just what we needed!


- as others have said, global politics situation.

- ibiza completely losing it in terms of pricing. get real guys.

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2018 has been another goodun but relatively uneventful compared to the last couple of years.


* Seeing the little one grow up and change seemingly by the day
* Healthier living in general - really knuckled down since the summer and starting to see and feel the benefits properly now
* Some fantastic holidays. 4 days in new York in May, a week in IBZ in July and a week in Formentera in October
* House all sorted. All the little remaining jobs done so just enjoying it now


* Some people very close to me affected by cancer. Luckily seems they are through it relatively unscathed but some nasty moments for sure which has put things in perspective
* Political situation honestly depressing, dread looking at twitter and switching on the news at the mo.

Wish you lot all the very best for 2019, been fascinating reading how your years have gone and a pleasure interacting with you all on here despite having been on here less last few months.

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Diver's taking a break. I think he felt the forum was getting a bit stale and I kind of agree. I'll probably give it up in the new year. Hard to think of anything interesting to add anymore.

not a terrible year but really, really hard at times. simultaneously trying to juggle a job, manage daily life in 3 languages, dealing with cliques, escalating bills, red tape, all the incessant politics, missing the clubs, a whole load of family stuff and occasional cabin fever being miles away from most of my friends wasn't easy. But perspective always needed (esp when reading what others on here have gone through). Despite all the stress, managed to move flat, get promoted, get on radio and publish a book whilst packing in some great trips to California, Andalucia, Valencia, Malmo, Copenhagen and Italy (not to mention Ibiza!)
This thread is a great read, delighted for people's highlights, not so delighted about the low lights :( but here's to hoping 2019 is a great one!

The majority of my year was positive - work & relationship going very well, had possibly the best summer I've had in a long time spent going on holiday, going to gigs & festivals and not to mention the heatwave ( I bought a convertible in June so was great being able to drive everyday for a month straight with the top down :D )

The last month or 2 has not been so great though, I had a bit of a health scare and just found out last week everything is ok so the relief was unreal! My mam is having a few problems at the moment , won't go into detail, so looking forward to a making the most of Christmas and a fresh start in 2019


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Sorry to spoil it for you. Once they sleep all night, they get up early and require supervision. What you will really miss (for a few years) will probably be sleeping in :lol:.

Congratulations on the new baby!
CasaNegron is bang in. People say ‘oh I bet it was nice having a night without the baby’’s having to entertain from the minute you open your eyes


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I take issue with people adding politics to their lowlights. It's been great for me whether I agree with the current political landscape or not. I remember right up until the referendum or the Trump election people barely being engaged or discussing politics. As a former student of politics this is exactly what I want to see. Don't be so fragile in bemoaning the fact your World view isn't being implement be relieved that people are not so laissez faire or apathetic about everything anymore. Having an increased spotlight shining on what our elected representatives do is a good thing.
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a lot of Brits and other Europeans are shitting themselves about the state of politics/economics and the impact on their family, friends, finances - it's inevitable reality is gonna intrude on this forum at such a time. It's interesting how everything feels more political now than it ever did before. People I know who never had any interest up until about 2014 suddenly talk about little else. It's a shame in a way because I like the idea of a holiday forum offering escapism from all this but there is no escape when everything is connected and everything matters so much.