How to get to IBIZA,best months to be there?Help this rookie



Hi Yo all!

I am living in Dubai and planning to go to Ibiza...There is no direct flight and hence prices are astronomically high! I decided to fly over to Barcelona first and then??? What options do I have???

I am planning to be there in Jul or the timing OK?

Please help...

If you somehow come to Dubai, give me note and let me show you this interesting city!!!

Thanks for the great web page!!! and forum!!!

cos life's never even...
Dubai eh- lucky thing!- Some of the shops are class! And that fin hotel is prob the best in the world!

I was looking at this job last week which has tax free pay (tho in american dollars for some reason!) and pays for my apartment - which is based in Dubai! Quite tempted to go for it.

Aaaanyways... slightly off topic here, eerm best time (in my opinion) is early August- nice line ups and radio1 weekend. some people think its too crowded tho - and the prices are prob the most expensive round then!

If I go before u I could look for a cheap place to stay if u aint got one sorted by then


oh, its my birthday early august so im prob biased! he he
Hee, hee...I always say opening as I have been to closing as well. Opening is just so anticpated, refreshing and off the hook! Enuuf folks to pack up any club but not so much that you're elbow to elbow! It is about partying but for all us dancers..we want our space to shake our thang! In high peak, it's just too hot, too sweaty and too packed to enjoy..unless you're hanging off a balcony! LOl!