How to get to Amnesia from west end ?



Our hotel (shit hole) is at the top of the west end. We want to go Amnesia on our first night there so just wondering how to get there?

Heard there is a bus service, but dont know anything about it, and if it goes Amnesia or not?

IF not should we get a taxi from the rank at the bottom of the west end? How much would it cost approximatly?

*sorry for making so many topics, but Im SO excited!
The taxi's are relatively inexpensive and if you fill them you will bearly notice the cost. If you are bothered about the cost though some locals will give you lifts back from the clubs for a lower fee than the taxis.

Warning though, do not take these lifts if you are on your Jack. Most people are friendly and are just earning some extra cash, but you do get nuttas everywhere.
You can get the Disco bus which runs from 12am. It drops you off right at Amnesia and only costs €1.50.

You can also get a taxi, but I reckon the bus is best for going to Amnesia because you meet a lot of cool people on it and it costs almost nothing.

For getting home, you can also get the bus but it can be a pain. You tend to have to wait for taxi's too, and when one appears, there is a rush to get it. Just watch the behaviour of the taxi's to see where the best place is to stand for when the next one arrives.

Alternatively, there are locals who ask if you want a lift home from them and they are usually cool and do this at a reasonable price, but don't go alone because you never know what could happen.
hi u can get a taxi from the west end or the disco bus for about £1 just be careful on the road outside amnesia
I think that the clubs will also pay your taxi fare if there are four of you in your group-or half the fare if there's three people. Pretty good deal then!
hey u said there is a bus that pickes up at 12am to amesia where does it pick up from i will be staying in the bay
Whats this about clubs paying for your taxi!!! Someone please let me in on this!!!
if you are a group of four, you get the money from the club back,....if you are three then the half,.....take a reciepe from the taxi driver!
go straight to the bottom of westend and take the right next to the harbour u will find the bus stop there, there should be a shop down a little bunch of stairs.
save your money for the taxi back

taxi.... easy and cheap... no long queue for the bus too