How to get tickets for Amnesia?



Hello you friendly people!

Ok you probably read that I arrive Thursday morning, at around 2AM (thinks should just be getting started when we get there!) Anyway that night is Tiesto and PVD at Amnesia, and it our only chance to see Mr Tiesto so we HAVE TO GO!

How can we get our tickets beforehand then? where do we need to go and how much will they be?

Im so excited, Im like a child at christmas :lol:
refrase the question

Where do I go when Im in Ibiza to buy the tickets and how much will they cost

Thank you
vienna said:
why dont you simply buy them at the door?

Cause I have been told it cheaper and better to buy them beforehand?

If thats not the case then I will just buy them at the door
There are a few ticket outlets in Ibiza town, the one I would go to was near Jet Apartments (near Bora Bora)......ask around and they will direct you to it....a whole bunch of club flyers at the outlet....accross the street from a huge souvenir place from what I will save about 10 Euros buying ahead of time......worked for me last year...I bought them for all the clubs I attended....worth it in my opinion.... ;)
U can buy tickets for most nights from loads of places. Cafe Mambo sells tickets. There are a few ticket stalls in the streets aswell which sell tickets to all nights at reduced rates.