How soon to book???



We're planning to go in Ibiza the last week of August, 1st week of September. How soon would should we book rooms???

I tend to book as soon as i can, don't know why i just do, but some people on this forum book later. Really you can book when you want, but you can book now if you like. Some people on this forum have already booked their holiday......

We go in June and September and always leave it til a week before til we book. Saves a whole heap of money and we've always had pretty good accomodation, so don't get in a panic, there's plenty of time.
I always book nice and early but that is cos I am fussy about when I go and where I stay and I would never risk getting a late booking and ending up in San Antonio Town :evil:

I booked our June holiday in September when we got back this year and then I will probably book the September holiday in the New Year.

It depends on if you're bothered about where you stay and that, if you're not bothered then you'll be fine booking at the last minute.