How near is San Jordi to Playa Den Bossa?


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Could I easily walk with my luggage from the San Jordi bus stop to the southerly end of Playa Den Bossa?

I've got a week in PDB starting next Friday, southerly/airport end, in Fiesta Club Don Toni. Normally I'd just get a taxi from the airport, but as this is a 'spare' holiday that I wasn't expecting, I'd like to keep the cost down, and I'm travelling alone so taxi will obviously be more expensive than a bus.

Looking at the bus timetables, the number 10 seems to go from airport to Eivissa via a place called San Jordi - looking on the map, this place seems pretty close to PDB, and at the end of PDB where I'm staying - does anyone know where in San Jordi the bus stop is? Could I walk with my luggage from there to my hotel? Why isn't there a bus from the airport to PDB, given that its obviously a big tourist resort? Or am I just being dumb and is there actually an airport to PDB bus somewhere on the timetable? :lol:
i'm pretty sure there is a bus that goes through playa d'en bossa.

the walk would be at least 25 mins, you'll probably just wished you got the taxi by the time you get there.

taxi would cost about 7 or 8 euros. bus is 1.50
Last time I got a taxi from hotel to airport I thought it cost about 17 euros - if it's less than 10 I'll just do that, cheers. EDIT: And a quick Google search confirms that you are of course correct -about 8 to 20 euros max. Good.

Which bus do you mean? I can't see one on the timetable that stops in PDB... :confused:
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you need the bus number 10b ok thats 10b.its goes through pdb.drops you off outside your 10 to 11 euro; could walk it.hotel is at one end of runway nearly.but 10b.turn right out off airport bustop is at end.think it was 1.35 last year.

To Ibiza Town via Playa den Bossa.The number 10B bus shuttle is every 60 minutes from the stop outside arrivals from 06.50 to 23.50 in summer. In July and August there's a night service every hour from 1.50 until 5.50.
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Excellent news, I thouht it was a bit weird for there not to be a bus to PDB, thanks. Looking at google maps, I could probably walk from the airport if I had to, but if the bus is hourly and I've just missed one then I'll prob just get a taxi (now I realise its half the price I thought it was!). Cheers chaps.
those google maps are ace.mine you this site does a good map of pdb you know
play around with map on right side.just click up next bit.might even be a bit less than 10 euro.i know it 10 to 11 euro to kcf.which is in the heart of pdb.your hotel is nearer to airport.mine you add a tip
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