How much?!


Brighton Belle

As Ibiza virgins me and my friend would like to know how much money to take with us...We are expecting to spend more than we take anyway...

But need some guidance....

(Leaving 18th Jul if anyone else is out there is too!)


BB x
Depends what you have planned.

We have just come back from 11 days, we went out clubbing 8 times during that time and the other nights were spent in bars/restaurants. I drink a lot :rolleyes: but my b/friend hardly drinks at all and we spent about £1800 between us. We didn't pay to get into Pin-Up or Ministry and we got free drinks in Ministry as well so that was a very cheap night, if we hadn't had that we would have been pushing £2000. We don't scrimp about tho, you can do it on a lot less.

When we go back in Sept for 2 wks we will prob take about £2,600 then.

A lot of people budget 100 euros a day.
Thanks Barbie,

We are going for a week and 100euros a day seems a good way to think of it..

Seeing as we are both lightweights anyway... :oops:

Ha ha ha...


BB x
if it's your first trip then

1200 if you want to do a bit more the 1500 at least