How much spendin money for one week?



just wondered how much everyone took, im thinkin of doin it on £600 this year, what u reckon?
If I can get that I'll be lucky! My funds are tight! U should be pretty cool on that amount of spends tho, -unless u drink a lot in clubs!
well if you go out every night, much more...I go out every second night, whilst there so for one week i spend about 800 dollars, and thats me alone. With my husband we spend 1200 dollars - 1400 dollars together
I only can afford a week each year- but I go out every night to most of the big name do's. I managed on round 600 sterling in the past so u should be sorted.

Remember Ibiza Girlie gave the quote for her and her husband- and in dollars! - So I wouldnt worry too much mate
well the island IS expensive, so one schould just have the most fun once a week in a whole year as´s not every week you go!
I agree ibiza-girlie. Its not like i can hop on a cheap flight from the UK for a week here and there. The brits got it made in my mind. The damn airfare from Canada is extortionate! :evil: My trip is costing me a small fortune but i've been waiting for this a long time so i dont intend to hold back!
Everyone I meet from America out there always spends a LOAD of money. A couple of lads from america I met in Pacha last year went ALL out and where stayin at Ocean Drive! That would have been class
next to pacha and el devino I think. Oakey, Morales, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin etc all were there last year so im guessing its pretty fookin classy 8)
If you want to go out to the big clubs every night (who charge up to 50 euros entry) and drink loads in there (you will pay anything up to 10 euros for a drink, about 6 even for water) you will get through money like there is no tomorrow.

It really depends how much you want to go out, as the clubs (and especially the drink) is what drains your wallet.

You can quite easilly do it on the cheap but still have a great time. I took 600 quid for 2 weeks, went out to Space, Pacha and Pin-up; had loads of great meals and did a lot of exploring.

Other people will advise you to take 1000 pounds for a week, though.
6 nights, every single night will cost 50 euro = 300 euro
2? afterparty's will cost you about 30 euro = 60 euro
drinks, say 4 per party (no mix) 6 euro each= 192 euro
food, one meal a day, 7 days, 15 euro each= 105 euro
food, breakfast 7 days, 5 euro a day= 35 euro

Don't spent it on souvenirs and other stuff, you will have to bring 692 euro for the items above....
i am going for a week and will be taking between £1200 and £1400 probably cum home with some but if not dosnt matter
I'm more worried about the exchange rate
If the euro gets any stronger then i won't have hardly as much as i hoped for.
I think it is definitely time we joined europe
i survived on 350 and went to Judgement Sunday, gods kitchen and ate out every night and lunch time. I wasted money staying in San Antonio and having to get taxis and on sun loungers outside Itaca.

Think most of my time will be spent at sunset strip and possibly pacha. i prefer seeing the unknowns. Last years resident at mambo was wkd.