How much Snow you got??


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I'm not trying to score:lol:

We have the most snow I have seen since I was six or seven, incredible scenes here in Yorkshire.

My little boys school is closed for the second day, quite frustrating as it is only 400 yards away!

Another day of sledging and snowmen so no real complaints :D:D:D:D

I would estimate 8 inches over the past two days here in Yorkshire (Leeds).

How much in your neck of the woods?
About 5 inches in sunny Somerset.

Mini Jam I is gutted as his is one of the very few schools that's open:lol:
moderate snowfall in SE London. Decidedly underwhelming (at time of writing)

Viva global warming.
Not much in Essex. Not enough to warrant a "snow day" anyway. We had worse that weekend before Xmas.
That was years ago boss. Moved up in the world now. Got it cushy now, worked two days in the last month.
A good 4 or 5 inches down here in Cornwall. Had an ace time handbrake turning and power sliding the car in empty work car park this morning! :lol:
coming down heavy but as it was raining earlier it isn't sticking. Normal pathetic attempt at snow we get every couple of years, the joys of living on an island.....
rather impressive 6 inches here in Newcastle and more to come - this is the first time it hasnt turned to horrid slush within 4 hrs of falling - took me 20 mins to dig the car out and had to put planks under the tyres to get a grip, then 10 mins to work.. :lol::lol::lol:
It says -21 for Edmunton this morning:eek::eek:

I made a wooden sledge last year that works fine but is v heavy. Looked online to buy a new one and everywhere has sold out of everything and anything that looks anything like a sledge, plastic or wooden!
Just got back to Florida and the car rental shuttle driver tells me that there's snow in the forecast for here this weekend :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Unseasonably cold here at the moment... only 3 C tonight and a high of 14 C tomorrow!

As Olly said, viva global warming!