how much people think the Carl Cox opening party will be?

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Hey guys,

I was wondering how much people think the Carl Cox opening party will be? Or how much it was last year?
free if you go in before 9pm
and cheap if you're in before 11pm (say 10-20€)

it used to be like that (or similar) during previous years so i guess it'll stay the same more or less.
went last year to the opening party, was a really good night even if i was feelin a bit sh1tty from cocoon the night before. went again in september and it was quality again. would recommend this party to anyone!!
What do you guys think? Ive never been to this night before. Is it a blast?

Carl Cox's Tuesday nights at Space are not to be missed - quality House and Tech House, awesome lineups week in week out, up for it crowd and the man himself plays 2 sets each night at Space.

Go and experience it for yourself.
How does Tuesday @ Space compare to Sunday We Love? I.e in terms of people atmosphere etc.... Which is best?
personally i enjoyed carl cox's night a lot more than we love last year. some of the line ups are class and carl on the sunset terrace is wicked.
agreed. his sunset terrace set is just wicked! remember in september it was raining really heavy and so he did his housey set in the terrace! the fact you can get in cheaper early on makes this night even better. in fact if anyone was at the opening party could anyone tell me the tune he played near the end of his set that sounded a bit like an alter ego track??
ay ay ayyy.....


The Revolution Continues with Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza! Dates are official! I am truly excited to announce I'll be returning to Space for 12 exclusive nights only, starting July 6th - Sept 21st. Tickets available soon through the all new website.
Source: Carl Cox Facebook/Twitter

* - that website he lists, doesn't seem to work for me...
i have had a look on getting tickets online for the pukka up boat party, including the entry/bus to space, and it costs about 50 quid a ticket. this seemed a bit steep to me.

does anyone suggest that we wait until we get over there to get the tickets? or skip the boat party n head straight to space?

also, carl cox on the terraza is something i dont want to miss... how early on does he normally play?

thanks in advance :eek:
i didnt think 45 was to bad for boat party bus transfer to space entry to the club and head phones for the silent disco look at what you would normally get for that price in the other clubs just entry
yes I can see what your saying, and I was on the site ready to book up... but it came to £50.00 each with fees, and when its known that you can get into the night for about 20 euro if not less, then im not sure if the boat party is worth it... thats all...

I dont know... I also dont want to miss carl cox on the terraza... and Im not sure what time we would get there from the boat party.

Just weighing up our options... PDB all day at parties and then over to coxy, or boat party and then coxy... dont want to miss out :D
yea that makes sense not to sure what time he normally comes on and i think your right its normally cheaper before 10 or 11 i think wouldnt have thought you would have been getting there till mabe 1030 from the boat party
the other thing is, its our last night, and we have never done a boat party before, and what if we dont like it?

does it see the sunset or get back before? do u know? 8)
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