how much money?


matt B

If i'm going over to work how much money should i need to live off for 3 months. What would the money i work for get me. :D
The best thing would be to take over money for 2 months accomadation that you should pay in advance. I 'd say 800 euro's minimum
plus you will need a bit of cash for the first 2 weeks say 300 euro's which isn't much it will get you by.
you should get between 120 and 200 euro's a week depending on the job
you could earn more if you land something good but don't expect to get paid lots.
Some jobs offer a wage and accomadation and food.
these sort of jobs go quickly so you need to get there early, well now really.
The sort of jobs you can get would be Bar work, Pr work ( the big clubs pay more than the bars but you have got to get people into the clubs )
There is also time share jobs in Sales ( which is mainly day time indoor work) or OPC ( outdoor people catcher which involves blagging someone on the street and getting them in the office. ) its a crap job but if you are good at it its well paid.
If you can speak spanish then you can work a regular 9-5 job.
there is also cleaning and housekeeping jobs in the hotels.

Have you got any contact numbers for timeshare work in Ibiza.