How much money to take?

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I'm going for 2 weeks on 4th July to San Antonio. My plan is to go to the clubs 7 nights out of the 14, going every other night, how much do you think I need to take? Help would be appreciated :D
It depends what else you want to do while your out there ie where you eat, watersports etc. But I recon you need at least £100 per day to have a really good time and not watch the pennies.
As much as you can possibly afford.

Clubbing in ibiza is EXPENSIVE. Fortunately, pretty much everything else isn't
I'll give you the best and first advice I got from an old timer who was in the airport when I first arrived - bring less clothes, and more cash -
Whatever you end up budgeting to bring, multiply it by 1.5 and that how much you'll end up spending. Bring a credit card, its never a good idea to chince out on the best vacation of your life.... :D
To: Mid -- Amsterdam, Barcelona, and then Ibiza.....can't wait for my vacation!!!!!


I did this same line up for the last 2 summers; best summers I've ever had :!:

You must have had an incredible time......I can't wait for this summer. My gf and I are staying at the Flying Pig Downtown, heard it was right in the middle of it all.......any suggestions on what to do?? :?: We're thinking about going to the van Gogh museum, taking some tours, and hitting up every coffee shop within a 2 mile radius of our hostel....... :D don't know much about what we are doing in Barcelona yet, but I heard it was a very beautiful city with a lot of nightlife.....People have said nothing but good things about that city....and well Ibiza, I can't wait to get back......let me know if you know anyhting cool/fun to experience.....when are you in Ibiza???

Mid said:
any suggestions on what to do?? let me know if you know anyhting cool/fun to experience.....when are you in Ibiza???

Mid..(when are you in Ibiza ?)
I'm in Barcelona > June 29th - July 1st
Ibiza > month of July
Barcelona > August 1st & 2nd

Amsterdam was always my last stop, so I'd spend most of time chilling out with friends, shopping, and just reflecting on the entire summer. Vondel park is a nice place to hang out on a beautiful summer day. Escape and Sinners in Heaven are two nice nightclubs. I'd recommend going on one of the 6.hour bike tours and renting a boat to tour the canals. Get a copy of 'Time Out' Amsterdam & Barcelona -- it's a wonderful guide book that gives you lots of useful info.
Premile....going to Amsterdam 7/28 t 6 8/02, Barcelona 8/02 t6 8/05, then ibiza 8/05 to 8/11....looks like I miss you all around. I'll check out timeout, thanks. And Vondel park sounds like a cool place to chill after the coffee shops... :D Do you have any info on how to rent a boat for the canals??? Sounds like a great idea.....
When my girlfriend and I went to Ibiza in 2001 we flew back to the UK with a 3 day stopover in Amsterdam - it was a nice holiday to recover from the holiday!!

I totally agree with Premile - Lazing about on a sunny day day in Vondel park is a great way to chillout.

Also when you are there check out flyers for a club called Mazzo's (I think that was what it was called) as we had a brilliant night - although after Ibiza I didn't have much energy left in me to go for it ;)

It would be a good idea to pick up a copy of the "Mellow Pages" coffee shop guide as some of the best and most friendly coffee shops were the small, intimate places which I would never have found otherwise. Dutch Flowers is a great place.

If you are up for it, I would definitely recommend hiring a bike from one of many hire shops and going for a cycle round the city. I didn't do one of the tours as Premile mentioned but it is a good way to get round some of the sights of this beautiful city. As for the hiring boats/ canal trips you will easily find information points - one being just outside Central Station - who can tell you all you need to know.

Amsterdam, Barcelona and Ibiza in one trip - thats gonna be some holiday...

Have a great time :)
Mid said:
Do you have any info on how to rent a boat for the canals??

Mid..there is a boat rental place in the red light district. You can find out about boat tours at the areas next to Central Station.
MarkEg & Premile.......

Thanks a lot for the info, its nice to have good advice before we get to Europe...I appreciate it. It just seems so far away..... :(

I think I need a dose of NYC fun.......Premile, you hitting up PvD on the 18th?? I'm missing it by one day.....