How much is too much..and what if I don't have enough???


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I'm going to be in IBZ for a week and I've heard mixed reviews about what I will need as far as spending money...My friend and I are coming from Canada where the money isn't worth much.............any fellow Canadians can vouch for me on that one....................I'm afraid of going broke down there!!!!!!!!!! I plan on clubbing every night and I don't drink all that much so if anyone can shed some light........PLEASE DO!!!!!
About $1000CAN for clubbing expenses and food for a whole week of crazy clubbing will be enough (IMO).. When are you coming?
You'll probably love it.. I was there last summer and going there again on the first week of September.. Clubs have the same vibe as Montreal clubs (not the TO ones), but without as much craziness.. They are not as big on massages, lifts, tiger balm, etc.
The crowd is sort off a mixture of TO's System Sound Bar's clientele's love for music and a Montreal eurostyle wearing ultra-friendly crowd.
hotels & spending money

Does anyone have any good recommendations as far as where to stay when you are in Ibiza. I will be there mid August for approximately 5 days. I don't want a dive but at the same time I don't want to spend 1000 dollars a night.

Also, what is a good approximation as far a spending money for the week. I was at another chat room and someone said they were there for 6 days and spend 6 grand. That is ridiculous!!