how much does it cost to get into the big clubs?

Varies thru-out the season and the night but between 30 and 50 euros. You can get in slightly cheaper if you have a flyer or buy tickets in advance.
bet that shocked you...outrageous ain't it!!!!!

let alone anything from 5 to 8 euros for a v. small bottle of water
ive never been sober on a nite out in my life until i went to ibiza!

all the big nites i got totally sloshed b4 hand , and then drunk water the rest of the nite and even that was expensive! bastards!

so i came up with an idea! :idea:

you know those little bottles of drink you get 4 about 2 quid, well...stash them were they wont be seen!
and back to the question....

i think i remember payin around 25-35 euros each for space, pacha and manu.... which although not cheap was not so bad, and that was mid august, so i reckon the prices wont be so high in may!

and im not sure about this year but space last year refunded your taxi fare upon proof of receipt!

the prices will not be so high in may because the clubs are not open in may, only pacha, and some afterhours..
Mandy I also did that trick of sneaking little bottles of bacardi, schnapps etc into the clubs last year as long as you put them in your socks/underwear etc and don't share them with anyone else (!) then you are alright.
Around 40-50 Euro to get in. Drinks start at $8 for water -- up to $250+ Euro's for bottles of wine/champagne. Some drink in their rooms/villas/apartments before heading out to the club, some drink in the local bars to warm-up. Don't worry too much, once you arrive you'll figure out what's best for YOU.