How much are drinks in bars/clubs on The West End strip?


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Me and my mates went to Magaluf last year and we were paying around 4 euros for cocktails, 2 euros for jager bombs, so on so forth for drinks on the club strip, and ironically the 2 times we went into BCM both nights were free drinks all night. My question is, are prices on the West End similar/the same as this? I also know big clubs in Ibiza you are looking at paying around 15 euros for a drink, but do any of the big clubs e.g Eden, Space, Amnesia, Privilage, do free drinks all night for a high entry fee?




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i can't answer for eden or es pardis but none of the other big clubs will not give you free drink all night. the only chance of getting a free drink in any of them is if it's one free drink included in your ticket.


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No is the answer, none of them do drinks inclusive of entry fee unless you pay over the odds for a vip ticket / table which comes with a bottles of spirits / champagne etc.


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Haha .. my thoughts turned instantly to that thread too ... but there are other ways - about which my lips are firmly sealed for all time :twisted:

Ibiza big clubs aren't really keen on filling the place with drunk as a skunk punters. Plenty of music bars in San Antonio take that spot in the lineup. Prices and the 'door' see to it that alcohol isn't responsible for the majority of punters' exits from the Big Clubs. There are plenty of other contenders for that particular role