how many people exactly...


New Member in Ibiza in the low season, can imagine a LOT of people from Spain coming to work in the summer time and then leave again around now......

HHHHHMMMM Robo darling, adapting peoples op´s are we ? :D
I thought you once told me you prefered it in the summer!
I know I do, but then again Ive never been there out of season!
well i-g.

i personally like both summer and winter in ibiza for very different reasons.

in the winter the island is freash, relaxed, and the peeps are soo more firendly. Its a beautiful place.

in the summer months i like the hot days, and hot nights. i like the nightlife oppurtunities.
yeah I have to go off season sometime, to see more of the island and discover more it cheaper off season with hotels and stuff? and when is best? october? April?
october and april is still sorta in the season, albeit at the start and end.

To get a real off season flavour of the isalnd try february time.

There will only be limited hotels open, and they will mainly be around the ibiza town area. I would imagine that they would be cheaper.

Look here


Regarding the nightlife. Pacha and el-divino have been open only at weekends in the past. And they probably will do this winter. There are a few bars open in ibiza town, and some down the west end in san an.

There is a real underground feel to pacha and el-divino, with some great djs.

for more info look here


In past there has been agro purchasing flights, cos there is only a few selected flights per day and per week that go to ibiza.

However this might have changed now. Perhaps James or Stephen may know if there is a change to this situation.
from uk,

flights are a no go. always change at mallorca. same applies for germany, allthough i believe air berlin do fly direct on occasion.

from 'oop norf' ibiza girlie you'll probably have to fly iberia or spanair via barcelona or madrid - will be pricey i think.

like robo says, i love both. you can't have one without the other. (although to be honest, right at this very moment i am really looking forward to the temperature dropping ;-)
Ibiza-girlie said: in Ibiza in the low season
today the newspapers say:

107.394 persons live in the pitiüsas islands at the end of 2003:

· 99.933 in ibiza (5.170 more than in 2002 :eek: )

· 7.461 in formentera (146 more than in 2002)

according to the instituto nacional de estadística (ine)
and according to ultima hora the percentage of residents from EC countries is:

· german - 54'91%
· british - 16'52%
· french - 9'83%
· ..........