How long til' you go?


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Gonna be 10 months for me this time round. Best things come...... and all that.
Im due a 2nd trip on sept 28th. Although ive cancelled many 2nd trips days after returning from the 1st.
10 months is a decent amount of time to get the juices bubbling again


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Myself and @MauroPicotto are slinging it for a few days, hopeful meet up with @fhmsparkle on my first night the Mr Picotto will have his way with me the rest of the time but I think there may be something on the cards with another spotlighter for the 3rd night. No names at this point on that 1:lol:.

U joining bud?
No two late trips for me in October.. enjoy mate.
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13 days for trip #2

Hope it's not too full of carnts this time round; July tends to bring the worst crowd out.

Luckily it's a family holiday so will hopefully avoid the brunt of them in the clubs.